Attendance Machine & Biometrics Devices Dealer & Distributor

Our wide range of attendance machine is widely accepted in many industries. In order to improve the work efficiency in companies, It is often seen that companies install attendance recording machine that not only provides access control but works as a time attendance recorder.

With help of attendance machine, keeping time track has become convenient. Complete HR policy through software can be integrated with employee time attendance management biometrics. We offer attendance machine not only just limited to fingerprint, time attendance system can be of palm vein biometrics, facial recognition biometrics or IRIS biometrics.

We offer versatile time attendance machines which deliver peak performance. These Time Attendance machines are simple in operation and are maintenance free. Due to their long lasting performance and resistance structure they are highly appreciated by the clients.


Examples of physiological characteristics used for biometric authentication include fingerprints; DNA; face, hand, retina or ear features; and odor. Behavioral characteristics are related to the pattern of the behavior of a person, such as typing rhythm, gait, gestures and voice.